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Human Energy Conservation, Inner Chromotology, Kinesiology

Welcome! My name is Kathryn Pape, and I'm the president of Pape Creative Education Services. I invite you to learn, feel, and absorb the power of what I've been studying and researching for 30 years. I have researched and taught cognitive curriculums specializing in personal energy /idea development.

human energy conservation

Human Energy Conservation is "better uses of YOU by YOU" because NO ONE thinks/tapes in your mind but YOU. Yes, TAPES. Human Energy is the force that runs inside the human body making all functioning possible. The quality of the energy produces the quality of health in the human regardless of age, race or gender.

Human Energy affects all inner and outer bodily functioning such as tasting, seeing, and hearing. Even the quality of thinking and feeling is the result of the proper use or "conservation" of human energy. With Human Energy Conservation, you will be able to have a different type of experiencing. This affects all phases of your life: Work, Home, Family, Social and Personal Relationships. All relationships are experienced inside as new and ultra positive; any recreation is directed toward healthier results.

Kinesiology is the process we use to help you move through the process. Kinesiology is defined as the use of muscle testing to identify imbalances in the body's structural, chemical, emotional or other energy, to establish the body's priority healing needs, and to evaluate energy changes brought about by a broad spectrum of both manual and non-manual therapeutic procedures. The principles behind kinesiology integrate well with my theories and observations, and I use it in working and educating others on the principles of human energy conservation and inner chromotology.

The more we understand the invisible world of our energy, the more self-control we will want to experience. This applies to decisions regarding sensual and sexual experiencing as well. The miracle of self-control through personal inner pleasure yields hidden treasures worth experiencing. No one directs your energy into feeling sensations but you.

human energy conservation

My work concerns the discovery of a new causation - Color Causation, which led me to discover and embrace a new Opposite Thought and Feeling world. I am about color causation, which is frequency "light" going through the cell. I teach the power of certain colors to create balance inside which is felt - then the specific color that can change inner chemistry and affect inner conditions. All of these conditions were attracted as suggested in "The Secret". My discovery of inner color moving at given healthy speeds and directions is the attractee-factor making Law Of Attraction And of course, we have inner chromotology, which I've developed through my work with colors. This is the study of color motion in living organisms addressing speed and direction. I see color affecting us even our clothing which is outside to inside. Yet I worked with color visualization with David, my son, who had a brain tumor.

The listings on the side are the concepts I talk about over and over throughout my articles; read them, learn them, and live them, because they will help to make your life better. And if you'd like more, I now have a blog that I'd love for you to visit and comment on.

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