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Human Energy Conservation

What is this concept of Human Energy Conservation?

Energy is the force needed in all processing. Human beings are continuous processors whether awake or sleep. Some obvious processes are breathing, seeing, hearing, touching, smelling, circulating blood, digesting food, and eliminating waste. Less obvious processes are speaking, listening, thinking and, of course, feeling.

Since energy is so necessary for these functions to occur, the study of human energy conservation seems most important. Questions arise such as how does human energy move through the body in a particular processing? How much energy is needed for which process? What kind of energy is it - meaning, chemically toxic or non toxic? Does direction of movement or even speed of the movement matter?

Bio feedback helps us to understand that thought is a power and that energy is present in "thought processing". Kinesiology reveals energy changing in the response of a muscle. A spring or bounce is present in a healthy strong body condition. In contrast, the muscle response that is weak or sluggish is related to body conditions not strong or healthy, physically or emotionally. Kinesiology also reveals the changing response, weakening or strengthening, of a muscle when in the presence of another energy field such as food, drink, or medicine, whether the item is consumed or not.

Biology shows the beginning of life is in a cell that divides and repeats division forming a joined cell formation. The dividing process cannot occur without energy power. All tissues, organs, bones, etc, are translations of special human energy. Our energy obviously remains making the human being a complete energy processor - continuously.

Since energy is present and included in our "being", the quality of energy is the quality of the individual cellular - wise, including the brain. The thinking process occurs in the brain, and the quality of the energy needed to think healthily (meaning the process itself) is most important. The type of chemical energy is very important in human experiencing.

Example: FOOD! We have heard the statement "you are what you eat". What is eaten is processed more than once, changing the chemical energy every time from natural growth cycle to the preparation for consumption whether raw or cooked. Could the type of energy in the processor be affecting nutrition? The quality of the two energies must be considered and not just the food's quality.

By studying human energy's scientific principles following natural occurrences, it is now possible to access it, take control and alter it for betterment of the human being. Energy is in color, sound and all the elements of all living seen or not.

The following study of human energy conservation covers

  1. thought as inner chemical movement
  2. feelings (physical sensations) as movement also chemical
  3. color as chemistry effecting thought and feeling controlling emotions or inner feelings.

Results of Human Energy Conservation?


  1. Experience more peace of mind regardless of what happens inside or outside of you
  2. Experience less: stress, anger, and/or anxiety
  3. Experience Delicious inner and outer Self-Control
  4. Experience natural and safe inner chemical changes that make safe and constructive high pleasure levels


  1. New appearance, more youthful skin, eyes and hair
  2. Women; little or no PMS
  3. Men and Women: little or no mood swings
  4. Less aches and pains

The study of human energy conservation came through personal idea development, kinesiology, personal experience and the willing observation of many when applied to standard sciences. As a result, the new principles of Inner Chromotology (color moving within living tissue) surfaced.


  • Thought and Feeling Connections - (not outer action)
  • Thought Chemistry - alkaline, acid
  • Definitions - reverse thought chemistry
  • Belief, Value Placement
  • Inward Color Response
  • Outward Color Response
  • Individual Sensation control - Sensuality not Sexuality
  • Disease Prevention - Chromotology

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